The Fussy Eater!

Fussy eaters and the throwing of the food are 2 of the biggest concerns/topics I hear from parents daily.

So today I thought I would discuss them.

P2B sees amazing meals being prepared for little ones that are blatantly refused or thrown on the ground. Why?

Here are a few questions I ask parents.

Just some food for thought!

1. Is there too much on the plate? Often I see may parents putting EVERYTHING on the plate. The plate looks amazing however for a little person the plate can often be very overwhelming and overstimulating. Try offering the meal in parts. Offer the protein first and work from there. Smaller offerings can encouraged your little one to eat as they are not overwhelmed with what is in front of them.
2. Portion size is a big one. Are you expecting your little on to eat too much? Are you expectations realistic.

3. Are you eating down with your little one and eating too. As the saying goes – monkey see.

4. For the toddler. Are they filling up on milk, breastmilk or toddler formula and therefore not hungry. By 12 months food should be their main nutritional source:

5. When you offer a meal, if it is refused are you offering something else? Maybe fruit and yogurt for fear that your little one will go hungry? If so you are rewarding your little one for refusing food. I know I would rather eat yogurt and fruit than meat and vegetables.

The amazing @Wayoflifenutrition dietitian Clare Barret explains fussing eating brilliantly on this short interview. Definitely worth a watch.

6. If they are throwing food on the ground P2B recommendations are to:


Pick the food back up and return it.

On the second throw repeat as above.


On the third throw, calming take them out of the high chair and let them go.
DO NOT OFFER anything else and wait until the next meal time.
It may take a few days but they will soon work it out!

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