I want to ditch the toddlers dummy, but we have a newborn who uses a dummy. What should I do?


Your newborn will have loads of “things” your toddler might want back excluding the dummy …. nappies & bottles are just 2 examples.

It may sound harsh, but you wouldn’t give them back.

The dummy is no different.

You need to remember that ditching the dummy has associated reasons:

1. Essentially, any external force applied to the mouth that is not natural can cause irreversible changes. Sleeping with a dummy is no different to using one when awake as far as risks are concerned.

2. Prolonged dummy use can also result in increased incidence of mouth breathing. While this may sound harmless, mouth breathing is associated with irritability, sleep disorders, bad breath, oral diseases and more. In other words, it can be far worse than the challenge of ditching the dummy!

3. Extended dummy use can affect a child’s speech and language development. This is mainly caused by the change in the shape of the mouth and the posturing of the tongue. Having a dummy in the mouth may delay children using sounds to communicate and prevent them from exploring the full range of tongue movements required to make all the speech sounds.

So as you can see, there are reasons for ditching the dummy. You don’t ditch because you want to… you ditch because it is essential.

Just some food for thought