Your Cot!

Baby rooms have come a long way from just the cot and change table. I have seen some stunning nurseries over my time with elaborate decor, expensive furniture, designer toys, organic bamboo linen, and personalised lighting. The nursery has become an interior designer booming industry.

But believe it or not, your little one does not need ANY of this. They need a safe place to sleep aka a cot.

Everything else is a luxury.

There are several factors to consider when placing the cot in your baby’s room.

1. It should not be under or against a window. As a newborn this is not so much of an issue however as they get older, you do not want them to be able to climb out of the window. Many years ago one of my poor mum’s had this experience resulting in a broken leg of her 1 year old. Lucky it was only one story. Likewise, keep the change table away from windows, and do not rest any frames or heavy items on the change table that the baby could easily pull down. And never leave your baby unattended on the change table.

2. Your cot should not be near any blinds where cords are hanging, or curtains that could be pulled.

3. There must be good air flow around the cot. You do not want to place your cot in the corner of the room. It is preferable you have just one side of the cot against the wall — ensuring at least three sides are exposed. It is even more vital to have the cot away from the wall if you have a cot with solid ends.