Your Baby’s Play Area!

This is a very common “play area” for little ones. P2B calls this Disney Land on ice!!

There is so much going on here … wwwaaayyy too much for a little one at ANY age.

If your play area looks like is – try and simplifying it. Too many toys can cause your little one to be overwhelmed and overstimulated.

Sometimes less is more!

Reduce the stimulation to 1 or 2 toys.

Babies are born ready to experiment with movement. Play is one of the main ways that babies learn what their bodies can do.

Baby play is simple, but it has an important purpose – through play, they learn how to interact with their environment.

For example, when you hold a toy close to your baby and they reach for it, your baby discovers that they can move their arms to touch nearby objects. Kicking is the same.

Play also gives newborns lots of practice at moving different parts of their bodies, which helps to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills.