To burp or not to burp is the question! What is the answer?

P2B isn’t a big believer in burping babies. P2B recommend 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes of sitting upright and if your baby burps – fabulous! If they don’t – fabulous!
It’s OK that your baby doesn’t burp! .

Here is some great research explaining why baby’s don’t need to be burped.
At the end of the day if you think your baby needs to be burp – continue burping. You know what is best for your baby. But if you are feeding and then trying to burp for an extended period of time ( I have parents keeping a newborn up for 2+ hours because they haven’t burped!?) your issue then maybe more of an overtired baby rather then a baby with wind.
If you are finding your breastfed bump is having issues with colic/wind/reflux … P2B recommends the Thompson Method. https://mcgill.ca/…/did-you-know/did-you-know-you-dont-need…
As with any information on my page – take on board what you find is relevant for you and your family. If it doesn’t resonate …. ‘just keep on scrolling’