Sleep & Settling – some food for thought!

This week I have had multiple mum’s contact me saying they are in desperate need for help in relation to their baby’s sleep … but are skeptical because either

1. They have already purchased another company(s) online programme that did not work; or

2. I have only been able to offer them an online consultation but they believe they need someone in their home to ‘read’ their baby and/or to ‘work out’ their baby’s personality.

Please, do not get me wrong, if you feel a face-to-face works better for you, then that is what you need.

However, I will also say in that same breath that whether you have a face to face, zoom or phone, I can 99% guarantee if you work with me and let me support you, there will be a significant improvement in your little one’s sleep. I work with families all over the world with great outcomes.

Why?Because P2B differs from these online, one size fits all programmes!

You get ME. Yep … just boring old me. No marketing, no flashy videos and/or photography, no online forums with untrained admin staff giving you basic responses , no 300 page online book for you to ready (because you have so much time on your hands and are not sleep deprived).

Yep, you get just plain old (I wouldn’t say boring) experienced me! P2B does not advertise at all. All P2B’s work is referral based / word of mouth from families I have worked with previously. I think that speaks volumes. Yes, you may have to wait a week or so to see me but remember your current situation didn’t happen overnight.

I have over 25 years nursing & midwifery experience. I haven’t just done an online course. Being a mum to 3 children also helps.I work with you one on one. I get to know you and your family personally. I listen to you. I work within your comfort zone but more importantly – I work WITH you.

I look at your situation holistically, not just focus on the sleep or lack thereof. For example: If you want to keep the dummy – then that’s what we do. Sleep training never works if the process isn’t flexible, if you can’t follow through from the beginning to the end and if you are not supported. P2B will also, through the ongoing support offered post consultation, allows you to trouble shoot when things don’t go to plan – aka ‘life happens’! This support and education/knowledge will assist you as your baby continues to grow and develop and essential with any sleep training.

Because I am the only one who answers your calls, emails and messages my response is directed 100% towards you – they are not a generated or generalized response. And if you ask my parents, my response time is great. You may not get an instant response (as I am in a consultation) but usually within a few hours during business hours – BUT more importantly that response is from ME and in relation to YOU and YOUR situation. I am here to trouble shoot with you. To support you. There are not 300 pages or a book to trouble shoot – you have me personally.

I take a holistic approach to your baby’s sleep issues. I never have a one size fit all. P2B looks at not only your baby’s sleep but their sleep environment, feeds, the bedtime routine, solids (if introduced), and the family dynamics. These issues can greatly affect your baby’s sleep.

I don’t claim to have a magic wand, or have all the answers … but I promise I will work with you to help you work through your baby’s sleep issues. I am often approached by parents who have tried “everything” and their little one still isn’t sleeping. Or, they may have even engaged P2B and it “didn’t work”.

So I thought I would cover some of the reasons why it sometimes doesn’t work.

1. Parents have unrealistic expectations. Little ones are unpredictable and like adults have good, bad and great days. We need to be flexible. A bad day, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

2. Parents compare. Don’t compare what your little one is doing to anyone’s else’s baby. Write your own story…. they all get there.

3. Parents were not ready to implement the changes. Sleep training is HARD. REALLY HARD! If it was easy then we would all have sleeping little ones. Which leads me to point #4

4. Parents try too many options. CONSISTENCY is the key to successful sleep training. There is unfortunately no other way. So when it gets tough, some parents resort back to their old settling technique (which wasn’t working) or they try another settle, then another settle and another. When you sleep train you need to stick to ONE settling technique for at least 2 weeks.

5. Parents need to find a technique that works for them. There is never a one size fits all settle technique. So what worked for your baby #1 or friend may not work for this little one.

6. Points 2 to 5 cross over at many levels but will always come back to the same outcome… CONSISTENCY!7. Parents don’t have the right sleep windows / awake time.

If you are struggling with sleep training, take a break. You didn’t get here overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight.

It takes TIME.Have a break for a few weeks and revisit what you felt worked and what didn’t.

THEN implement a new plan BUT:

1. Don’t start again until you are ready and 100% committed; and

2. Don’t start until you are ready to be CONSISTENT

3. Make sure you have SUPPORT

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