Safe Sleeping Regulations – what you need to know!

I know I have posted about this prior, but this is an article all parents should be reading before they purchase products such as the DocATot, nests, loungers, swings or alike.

This is the new American legislation coming into play from 2022. We can only hope Australia will not be too far behind.No baby should be lounging or sleeping in these.

Australia have the same and/or similar sleeping aids, positioners and DocATots, nests, loungers, swings or alike.

Here’s what you need to know:-

These products are not and have never been safe.- They are pillows. “Breathable” does not mean “does not accumulate Carbon Dioxide” – most bedding is “breathable” (and yet still not safe for infant use).

Adding a “lounger” to a crib or co-sleeping situation makes it less, not more safe. (These have been long advertised as safer than co-sleeping alone)

The new rule does not go into effect for a full year which means all these “sleeper” products will remain on the market, positioned AS “safe for sleep” until 2022.

Many of these products or similar are available in Australia and are very well marketed, including by IG influencers.

I meet many parents who use these products everyday for sleep thinking they are safe because of their marketing. They are not safe, even if sleeping in the same room as you.

As with anything P2B posts, as parents you can take on board the information I am sharing or disregard it. Your baby’s safety is my focus. Some food for thought