Why Floor Time Is Important!

Every house I visit, there is always a floor mat, filled with toys and stimulation.  And sitting right next to that play mat are the swings, walkers, bouncers, baby chairs and jumpers. Let’s call them the ‘extras.’  

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘extras’ can most definitely play a role in your little ones play time and I am not saying that they are bad. However, marketing has led many parents to believe that they are an essential item needed for your little one’s development. The knock effect of these purchases is that they are often expensive, and infants are now spending more time in them and less time on the floor.

We often forget the essentials: the pram, car seats, swaddles, sleeping bags and carriers that our little one’s spend time in too.

Add all these together and infants are spending a lot of their time being contained.

Parents need to find the balance.

Think about your infant’s development from birth to 15 months of age. It’s incredible.

If movement is overly restricted infant development may be delayed and/or they may start to ‘practice’ these new skills more when entering the cot for sleep time.  Enter what may parents know as the dreaded ‘sleep regressions.’

Floor time allows for your little one to appropriately develop for their age. 

During floor time, take away the ‘extras’ and allow your infant the vital opportunities to spend time having their full range of motions in their arms, legs and little bodies. This movement will allow them the opportunity to lear, explore, practice and master everything from sensory exposure, rolling, sitting, crawling and standing.

More floor time during the awake time allows your little one more time to hon in on their developing skills reducing the likely hood of them practicing their new found skills during sleep time. More energy is used during play when on the floor time practing and exploring, therefore increasing their sleep pressure.  

Floor time is a tripple win:

  1. Floor time allows for your little one to appropriately develop for their age. 
  2. Floor time reduces the likely hood of them practing their new skill during sleep time
  3. Floor time burns more energy through exploring and practing increasing sleep pressure

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