Why do P2B “Awake Times” vary from what I have read on other forums?

I notice that your awake time for a 6 month old is about an hour less than I have seen noted on other forums etc. Is there any particular reason or simply that from your experience that works best?

It is interesting how varied the different “awake time” recommendations can be. When looking at recommendations I would be looking at the source. A forum can be from well meaning parents who have found what works for them. If from a sleep consultant, it may be a scripted table from their training or an adapted one from their experience.

Any awake times should be seen as an individual approach. Any “recommendation” is that – a recommendation. My awake times have been established through my 20+ years experience. It is not copied or scripted.

Interestingly, this week have a 4 month old who is on 2 sleeps a day and a 12 month old still needing 3 sleeps a day. They don’t fit into the “recommended” awake times, because they are doing them not what is “expected” of them.

I guess what I am trying to say is when looking at awake times, use them as a guide ONLY.

Let your little do them, not anyone else!