The P2B Approach

I recently had a mum reach out to me (via her paediatrician’s recommendation) needing support around her little one’s sleep, well more lack thereof. 

Mum was very apprehensive with reaching out as she generally follows attachment-based parenting drawing from attachment theory from Bowlby and Ainsworth’s work (not “attachment parenting” as coined by Sears). She wanted to be responsive and develop a secure attachment by the development of a secure base and safe haven for her little one.

Mum wanted to be supportive and responsive.

Mum was surprised with P2B recommendation as she had preconceived about ‘sleep training’.

The recommendations facilitated hands-on support and settling with realistic expectations.

100% supporting mum and bub as a team. Gone are the days when ‘sleep training’ (and BTW I hate that terminology – supported sleep is a better choice of words) consists of locking your baby in their room and never entering. There are so many ways we can gently encourage your baby to fall asleep independently all whilst supporting them (and you) as they learn this new skill. 

I do however strongly believe that what makes the most difference, other than hands-on support? …. The ongoing support offered by P2B post consultation. Touching bases regularly, troubleshooting shooting and if needed changing things up to suit. 

My role in supporting this family is to ensure my personal philosophy should never be the driver under which I provide advice and support to those seeking my advice. The way parents choose to care for their children is broad and diverse. I do not prescribe to one way of supporting a parent or caring for a child instead working with the parent on their individual circumstances to find evidence-based solutions that work best for them.

This mum messaged saying how it was so amazing to have her personal cheer squad as she made progress and let’s be honest, struggled at times.

Her email today ‘Thank you so much. You have been such an amazing support and I’m so pleased we found you!’ This is the reason I am sharing this with you all. 

I could not be prouder of this mum. 

Yes, her little one has made some HUGE improvements. He even became unwell over the past few weeks and mum as able to continue with the SAME support. 

Is he perfect, NO. But he doesn’t need to be. Is he happier YES! 

Is mum happier and a better version of herself now life isn’t so stressful YES!

Is she finding her groove with her little one? YES 

Is mum comfortable with the plan and the settle and plan to move forward day by day YES!

Super proud of this little family today


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