Should you reuse old bottles?

This is a collection P2B sees on a regular basis. Bottles given to parents by well meaning friends aka “hand me downs”, or on a visit mum is starting to express or give a bottle or sipper cup so she pulls out the bottles she used on baby #1 (usually 2 + years ago).
You may or may not agree with me and that’s OK because this is my opinion.
Or you may have not even thought about the following:

P2B recommends that for every new baby you should purchase new bottles (unless glass), teats, dummies and sipper cups.
Over their previous “life” those “hand me down” bottles have been scrubbed with a bottle brush, sterilized, heated, and well used multiple times a day. They get the most use, the most wear and tear, and the most mileage from your little one.
I liken it to using a plastic drink bottle. I personally wouldn’t use one after 12 months of regular use. Once I notice any deterioration of my drink bottle – it gets thrown out. Your little ones bottles and dummies would be used more than my drink bottle.