It's OK to say no to your toddler!!

P2B has woken up this morning with 2 messages from parents asking for advice.
Both of these situations involve toddlers (who are well & thriving) between the ages of 2 & 3 years of age.
One is demanding the Ipad at 9.30pm at night and the other a bottle overnight – and they are getting them!

Don’t get me wrong, if what you are doing is working for you and your family then keep doing it. No one should ever judge what happens under your roof.
But in the same breath I want parents to know that it is OK to say no to your toddler!
Yes, it is easier to give them what they want short term (because we all want sleep) but long term, both you and your child are better off tackling the issue.
A few days of age appropriate resettling, without the bottle or Ipad – won’t be easy – but worth it long term for better quality sleep for the entire family.
Just some food for thought for those currently tackling a toddler ‘habit’ overnight!
It’s OK to say no!