Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best Midwife 2021

Over two decades on from started her midwifery training, Michelle Jackson has won Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best Midwife and she reveals what it’s like helping families across the city.

GOLD Coast midwife Michelle Jackson says the profession was never originally on her radar but after 23 years in the industry she is humbled to be recognised for her work.

The Parents2B owner recently won the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Best Midwife competition securing 37 per cent of the votes.

Ms Jackson started her midwifery training in 1998 after working in oncology and palliative care.

“I guess you can say I went from the privilege of supporting families at the end of life to supporting families at the beginning of life,” Ms Jackson said.

She opened her business Parents2B in 2002 and said it began as a side hustle just helping friends and family.

“It quickly grew over the years turning into my full-time job,” Ms Jackson said.

She said she always focused on making sure she created a community atmosphere with Parents2B.

“Most people seem to think of a midwife as someone who is there when you give birth,” Ms Jackson said.

“It is pregnancy care, educating and empowering parents in relation to all aspects of childbirth.

“I always remind my families that birth is one day and although important to be prepared for the day, birth is not the finish line.”

Creating a safe space for parents to ask questions was a main priority.

“I love the hugs when I leave the house, you can feel the relief, gratefulness and thanks in every single one of those hugs,” Ms Jackson said.

“I love receiving the photos of the baby, or being told when they have crawled, walked and celebrated their christening or first birthday.

“It is the feeling of being a part of the family that gives me the ‘why’.”