Let’s talk about comforters!

Love them or hate them … some babies need them. But before you start using one there are somethings you need to consider!

1. Your baby should be hands free when introducing a comforter. That way they can move the comforter freely .. and really, that’s what a comforter is all about. Being able to cuddle and sooth. If their hands aren’t free and they turn towards or roll onto the comforter it becomes a hazard.

2. Is it breathable? Many comforters have a thick, sometimes plastic like or silk backing.  Many baby’s bring the comforter onto or over their face the comforter must be light and it must be breathable.  Hold the comforter up against your mouth firmly – can you breathe through it?  If your baby rolls face down into the comforter – it is preferable that your baby cannot lie directly face down onto it.

3. Make sure there are no tunes/white noise etc. If you use these as a sleep association then it must play for the entire sleep. Not just for the first 10 minutes of sleep. When your baby wakes the environment needs to be the same as when they went to sleep.

4. Do you have multiple? Comforters can get lost and get old. Constantly rotating them will help long term!

Food for thought. Hope that helps!