Why is sleep training a 'controversial topic?'

I was at a girlfriend’s baby naming day on the weekend. One of her friends asked me if I was the ‘sleep lady’. I had a giggle and responded with my usual ‘yes, I do help parents when they are struggling with their baby’s sleep’.
This mum then responded with a ‘well I’m not getting into that controversial topic’ (insert a little underlying attitude tone)
This comment left me with a range of emotions – from confusion, sadness, anger and disbelief.
I feel like I have to stand up for all those parents out their who have asked for help with their baby’s sleep.
Why is helping parents get their baby to sleep considered ‘controversial’? If something is broken, then you get it fixed. It’s a pretty easy concept really. I had a leaking tap this week and 15 min visit & $120 later, my tape doesn’t leak anymore. Problem fixed.
If getting up multiple times at night to feed your 12-month-old, climbing into your baby’s cot until they go to sleep, rocking your baby to sleep, bed sharing, or standing on one leg and hopping gets your baby to sleep and you are happy ……. GO YOU! Who am I to stand in your way and tell you how to parent.
It’s working for you and your family and that is all that matters. Full stop – end of story! And that should be the end of the conversation.
BUT, if doing any or all those the above (and maybe more!) to get your baby to sleep and as a result you are not coping with day to day life, it isn’t working for you and not enjoying being a parent … then why it is controversial to ask to help?
Can someone please explain this? To me controversial topics are pro-life, stem cell research, animal cloning, euthanasia and you can add circumcision to that list …. NOT if you rock or not rock your baby to sleep!
Gone are the day’s where ‘sleep training’ (and BTW I HATE that terminology – supported sleep is a better choice of words) consists of locking your baby in their room and never entering. There are so many ways we can gently encourage your baby to fall asleep independently. P2B uses loads of cuddles and staying with your baby.
So a big call out there for all those parents those who are doing what works for them AND those who have put their hands up and said that they need help. You are doing what YOU need to do for YOU and YOUR family and that’s all that matters! END OF STORY!