Toddler + 1 Class

Cost: $250 (P2B families from previous services)

New families $300

The thought of bringing baby #2 home can for some parents feel a little overwhelming. P2B Toddler + 1 class (up to 2 hours) aims to prepare & support parents though this transition. P2B’s Toddler + 1 class includes a review of the current routine and sleep habits of baby #1 – having a non sleeping or sleep issues with your toddler when bringing #2 home makes that transition even harder! These issues should be sorted BEFORE your baby arrives. (Please note this is a review only and is not a sleep consultation). Also covered are handy hints on bringing baby #2 home: basic recap of labour (if required), introducing your baby to their sibling, nursery set up, feeding, routine, getting out of the house with 2 children, adjusting your routine with baby #2 to incorporate your toddlers activities … and of course sleep.

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