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All parents would agree with me – there is a large amount of differing and often confusing opinions, techniques and ideas when it comes to ‘advice’ on sleep and settling associated with babies.

Google, Facebook, publications, friends, family, health professionals – the list is endless when it comes to this ‘advice’. I believe that there are many aspects that can impact on your baby’s sleep. From feeding, environment, sleep associations – the list is endless. I also know from personal experience how stressful it can be when your baby doesn’t sleep.

Parents 2 B looks at the entire picture when it comes to your baby’s sleep and use settling techniques that are not only age dependent but also family influenced. I offer assistance with routines that are flexible yet structured and most importantly adapted specifically to you and your baby.

Parents know their baby best and it is essential that your baby feels safe and supported when learning to put themselves to sleep. We work together to decide on an individual strategy that you are all comfortable with and one that you can repeatedly follow through from beginning to end.

Parents 2 B works with YOU and YOUR baby!


Cost : $300 per 1 hour session
This service includes an initial phone consultation (up to 1 hour) and then follow up emails, text and phone support for 2 ongoing weeks. Fair play policy applies. Payment on booking required


Cost : $150* for 2 weeks extended online support


Cost: $85 For parents who have already engaged P2B services within the last 12 months (of a full service).  $145 for new families.  An online routine review (after receiving a 24 hour diary and a photo of the sleep environment) includes written feedback with suggested changes, routine and settles. There is NO FOLLOW UP support offered with this service.  Note: add $75 if an online routine review AND phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) is required.



Further Information to help you make your decision:

Prior to either consultation I do ask for a 24 hour diary of current feeds, sleep and settling. This allows me to have a true picture as to where the family is currently at when it comes to sleep. During the consultation we will then discuss a routine and settling plan that will work best for your family.

You will receive an easy to follow routine and settling guideline handout as well as the ongoing support. Please remember that routine/guidelines are subject to change as your baby adjusts to their new routine/settling. ALL consultations offer ongoing support.  P2B believes this is essential for any successful sleep training outcome.  This support not only allows for much needed support but also trouble shooting for circumstances that may not have been discussed/occurred during your consultation.

There are many different methods of sleep training and it can be tough to select which one will work for you and your baby. I work with you to establish a strategy that you are all comfortable with and one that you can repeatedly follow through from beginning to end.  There is no such thing as a ‘no cry’ settling technique.  We all know babies cry – it there way of communicating.  What you do to support your baby though sleep training is a personal choice.

You do not need to leave your baby during sleep training if you do not wish to.  On the same note – if you are happy to leave them (this also depends on their age) then that’s OK too.  P2B will work with you.

At no stage should you or your baby be distressed. Initially there will be lots of resettling – don’t underestimate this. I will be honest and let you know from the onset – there will be some crying and/or fussing for short periods of time.  A baby cry doesn’t always mean they are in distress.  Your baby may be telling you they are overtired, overstimulated …. or during sleep training that they are just confused as they are normally fed or rocked to sleep.  Their cry can be confusion as things have changed!  A cry does not necessarily indicate that your baby is distressed, fearful or feel abandoned.  Gentle methods tend to take longer so you need to be prepared for this.

Parents need to understand that teaching their baby to self-settle will not happen overnight. This needs to be stressed. AND it is NOT easy. It takes commitment, consistency and support. It can take anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks – dependent on your baby’s previous history and chosen method of settling. There will be lots of resettling, lots

Parents 2 B can arm you with the tools and the understanding of why your baby is doing what they are doing and will support you when and if it gets tough – as it is essential that you do not resort back to rocking, feeding, etc your baby to sleep.

It only confuses the situation – for everyone involved.

Every baby and every parent is different. We need to take this into account and your baby’s personality and what they have been used to. Your baby has been assisted to sleep for 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months – they will not learn to fall asleep on their own in one sleep cycle.

Imagine if I took your bed away tonight and made you sleep on the floor. You wouldn’t sleep well and you too would protest until 1) I gave you your bed back or 2) you learnt to sleep on the floor. Your baby is no different. It takes time to learn this new skill.

It is a common scenario that parents, who are struggling, have attempted multiple settling techniques (from well-known self-settling books, Google, family and friends .. the list is endless) but often out of exhaustion (and nights are generally the breaking point) they have been unable to follow through with the settling techniques – subsequently resorting back to rocking, feeding their baby back to sleep and end up back where they started.

I initially encourage parents to focus on the daytime sleeps. Building good quality sleep during the day will lead to good quality sleep overnight. It is also easier to remain consistent during the day … during the early hours of the night/morning it is easier to resort back to your old ways to get back to sleep!

Parents 2 B isn’t reinventing the sleep and settling ‘wheel’ (so to speak – there are 1000’s of books on this topic!) BUT Parents 2 B is working with and supporting you through the process.

I also recommend a minimum of 4 home days after a consultation to cement the new routine. This allows for consistency of chosen settling techniques. During the consultation and follow up support I will also arm you with the confidence, knowledge and flexibility to enjoy your baby inside AND outside the home. Your baby should be able to settle anywhere as the basic sleep and settling rules don’t change with the environment, day or night!


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