Private Antenatal Classes

Cost:  Midweek private class $500*   Weekend Saturday $700* & Sunday $900*

Not everyone has the time to attend large groups of childbirth classes over 4-6 weeks. Parents2b therefore offers a unique service of providing private, practical, unbiased, evidence based and personalised antenatal education.

Parents2b classes cover all aspects of pregnancy including labour and delivery, pain relief options, possible interventions, caesarean sections, breastfeeding and early parenting and settling/routines.

Labour is an amazing journey into the unknown. But remember, it is 1 day!  It is just as important to focus on what awaits you at the end of your long, hard journey, your baby and parenthood!

PLEASE book your class by week 14 of your pregnancy.

The perfect time to do a class is around 30-34 weeks.

Class 1: Labour and delivery is offered via ZOOM on a TUESDAY evening (dates given on enquiry) from 5.30pm.  Numbers are kept small to assist with interaction. This class will take 2 – 2.5 hours

Class2: Bringing your baby home / Practical early parenting & Breastfeeding is offered one on one in the comfort of your own home. This class will take 2 – 3 hours



My personal birth and parenting experiences are vast. They include a vaginal delivery and two caesarean sections. As a result, I strongly believe that individual birthing and parenting options / choice is paramount. I aim to support, respect and inform parents on their birthing and parenting choices – no matter what that may be.

An information package is provided

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