Private Antenatal Classes

Cost:  Midweek private class $600*   Weekend Saturday $800* & Sunday $1000*

Not everyone has the time to attend large groups of childbirth classes over 4-6 weeks. Parents2b therefore offers a unique service of providing private, practical, unbiased, evidence based and personalised antenatal education.

Parents2b classes cover all aspects of pregnancy including labour and delivery, pain relief options, possible interventions, caesarean sections, breastfeeding and early parenting and settling/routines.

Labour is an amazing journey into the unknown. But remember, it is 1 day!  It is just as important to focus on what awaits you at the end of your long, hard journey, your baby and parenthood!

PLEASE book your class by week 14 of your pregnancy.

The perfect time to do a class is around 30-34 weeks.

An information package is provided

Class #1:

Labour and delivery is offered via ZOOM – dates & times given on enquiry.  Numbers are kept small to assist with interaction. This class will take 2 – 2.5 hours

Class #2:

Bringing your baby home / Practical early parenting & Breastfeeding is offered one on one in the comfort of your own home. This class will take 2 – 3 hours

FROM SEPTEMBER 2024 Class #3:

Breastfeeding is offered via ZOOM – dates and times given on booking. This class will take 1 to 1.5 hour session with Lactation Consultant Helen Green.  Helen will cover all things breastfeeding to prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. More about Helen below


About Michelle: My personal birth and parenting experiences are vast. They include a vaginal delivery and two caesarean sections. As a result, I strongly believe that individual birthing and parenting options / choice is paramount. I aim to support, respect and inform parents on their birthing and parenting choices – no matter what that may be. Please click on the ‘about me’ to read more about my personal birth experiences.

I met Helen Green in 2003 after the birth of my second child, when I reached out for assistance with my own breastfeeding journey.  Helen and I have worked together ever since 2003 supporting women and their families in their parenting journey.

More about Helen Green

Helen Green is a Lactation Consultant with extensive experience in Lactation and Breastfeeding issues, working in hospitals and the community. Helen’s ability and insight to actively support, offer advice and advocate for breastfeeding families is extensive.

Helen has initiated research and educated medical and midwifery professionals in lactation over a number of years to increase community services available to breastfeeding families. She qualified as a Registered Nurse (RN) at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. After working at the hospital for a brief period, Helen travelled to Great Britain and qualified as a Registered Midwife (RM) at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Western General Hospital is an internationally recognized Midwifery Training and Research Hospital.

On her return to Australia, Helen qualified as a Child Health Nurse (CHN). She was then accredited as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 1995.

Helen has also attained a Bachelor of Nursing Studies Degree (BHScN) through Southern Cross University. Lismore NSW and a Masters of Community Health Practice (MCHPract) through Griffith University, Brisbane QLD.

Following her Midwifery and Child Health training, Helen moved to Zimbabwe, Africa, where as a Health Visitor, she managed a Primary Health Care Clinic for mothers and infants. The focus of care was infant growth, breastfeeding, nutrition, vaccinations and contraception. Given the challenges and conditions of the developing country Zimbabwe, this was a steep learning curve for her as a health professional.

On her return to Australia, Helen gained further experience working as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse with the Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service. Helen’s role was to provide home visiting services for infants under two years of age to monitor infant growth, promote breastfeeding and women’s health.

Once certified as a Lactation Consultant Helen’s role as a Child Health Nurse with Queensland Health expanded to include the implementation of the first Breastfeeding Clinic in Queensland Health at Southport Community Child Health. The clinic supported women experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding.  As a breastfeeding professional, Helen established the Gold Coast Breastfeeding Centre in 1995 and began offering lactation/breastfeeding services as a privately practising Lactation Consultant.

In 2003 Helen was appointed Lactation Consultant for the Maternity Unit Gold Coast Hospital and continued in the role until 2009 when her role expanded to include managing the Maternity Home Visiting team and the Lactation Consultant team.

Helen ceased hospital work at the Gold Coast University Hospital in Feb 2022, to allow her an increased focus on the provision of lactation support to the wider Gold Coast.

She have continued providing services to families on the Gold Coast since 1995 through the Gold Coast Breastfeeding Centre. During this time, Helen has continued to worked collaboratively with private practising Paediatricians and Obstetricians and other Health Professionals to support mothers and babies to achieve their goals.

Helen’s extensive training over the years combined with the services she provides, have enabled her to continue helping mothers, babies and families across the Gold Coast and the surrounding area.

Helen have two sons and lived and worked on the Gold Coast since 1993.

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