Just Keep Scrolling…

Before I even start – THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING! Please read the entire post before eating me alive!

Last night I was scrolling though Facebook (as you do) and I came across a ‘pro breastfeeding’ post. What got my attention was NOT the pro breastfeeding post itself BUT the comments made by others on the thread.
There were thousands and thousands and I mean thousands of comments from women who, in 80% of the comments, were basically attacking each other.

The pro breastfeeding mums did not have nice things to say about formula feeding and the formula feeding mum’s attacking the breastfeeding mum’s for making them feel guilty for not being able to breastfeed. One mum commented that she tried everything and her supply was just never enough for her baby to thrive. On her thread she was bombarded with responses ranging from ‘you didn’t give your baby enough time at the breast’; ‘to you shouldn’t have given formula in the first place’; … let’s not go any further as you get the idea.
AGAIN THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING! I am using this article I read as an example only.
We all know the benefits of breastfeeding, and if you have followed me for long enough you know that I will support anyone in whatever choice they choose to feed their bub.
And yes … I too have been trolled when I post comments like ‘a feed is a feed’ in relation to bubs.
Sleep and ‘sleep training’ articles have the same common threads (trust me .. I know!). P2B isn’t everyone’s cup of tea … but for others P2B’s works! Life would be bloody boring if we were all the same (maybe a little easier lol!)
The underlying reason for my post is to say you will read so much online.
You will hear and discuss many topics online, in mothers groups, to friends, health professionals (like myself), and maybe to complete strangers in relation to EVERYTHING related to parenting. Whether that be feeding, sleeping, settling, where they sleep, to swaddle or not to swaddle – the topics of discussion are endless!
If you read something that you don’t agree on JUST KEEP SCROLLING . No, that may not resonate with you and your parenting beliefs, but trust me, to another mum it may be the guidance she needed, or the words she needed to hear.
Unlike a page that doesn’t fit your parenting style, and start following ones that do. Don’t waste your energy on reading posts that don’t suit your parenting style.
Parenting is hard enough.