September 25, 2016

Early Parenting Support

Being a parent is an exciting and rewarding experience and Parents2b offers a range of parenting support services including weekly weighs and early parenting education. Continuity of care is essential for new parents and this service allows for Parents2b to support parents through their transition into parenthood – all from the comfort of their own home.



Cost: $400 (P2B families from antenatal classes). New families $500.

P2B postnatal support includes 5 hours in home (can be split to meet parents needs ie: 5 x 1 hour , 2 x 2.5 hours, 2 x 2 hour + 1 hour etc) visits post hospital discharge.  These visits need to can be utilized within the first 10 weeks’ post birth.

Topics covered during the visits include: Weight, Common misconceptions and myths of parenting, Normal infant behaviour & understanding and recognizing your baby’s needs, how to avoid sleeping problems & the crying and unsettled baby, practical wrapping/swaddling and settling techniques, feeding & newborn baby care and establishing a routine.

Online support (fair play policy applies) is included with this package. It is recommended the first visit is a 2hour visit (using 2 of the 5 visits) to establish a rapport.


Cost: $250 (P2B families from previous services) New families $300

The thought of bringing baby #2 home can for some parents feel a little overwhelming.  P2B Toddler + 1 class (up to 2 hours) aims to prepare & support parents though this transition. P2B’s Toddler + 1 class  includes a review of the current routine and sleep habits of baby #1 – having a non sleeping or sleep issues with your toddler when bringing #2 home makes that transition even harder! These issues should be sorted BEFORE your baby arrives.  (Please note this is a review only and is not a sleep consultation).  Also covered are handy hints on bringing baby #2 home: basic recap of labour (if required), introducing your baby to their sibling,  nursery set up, feeding, routine, getting out of the house with 2 children, adjusting your routine with baby #2 to incorporate your toddlers activities … and of course sleep.  

To book your antenatal class please email or phone 0419729127.


IN HOME WEIGH: Cost: 45 minute appointment $100. Extended appointments $50 per hour or part there of

MOTHERS GROUP PRESENTATIONS: Cost : Mother Group presentations – $250* (Max 10 Mothers)

ONGOING SUPPORT PRE EXISTING CLIENTS: Cost : Ongoing online support – $100* for 4 weeks extended online support

ROUTINE REVIEW: Cost: $50 For parents who have already engaged P2B services within the last 12 months (of a full service).  An online routine review with online feedback (after receiving a 24 hour diary). There is NO FOLLOW UP support offered with this service. $65 if routine review AND phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) is required.

Parents2b offers phone consultation on any topic that you require help with: Cost : Pre existing clients – Phone Consultation – $50 (30 mins) and $85 (1 hour). New clients $125 (1 hour) please note this does not include sleep services and on ongoing support.

To book any of the above support consultations please email or phone 0419729127.

* Please note: The above rates apply to the Gold Coast area. There is a $50 non-refundable booking deposit (rebate given at consultation). Rates for consultations outside the Gold Coast area available on request. Please see terms and conditions for further information found in FAQ. Prices subject to change without notice