Black& White for Newborns

Did you know? In the first 3 months, babies can focus on objects that are 8-11 inches away. This is more or less the distance from their parents’ faces while nursing or feeding. Bold black-and-white images stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies cognitive development without over-stimulating them. After a few Read More

Ditching the Dummy

Studies have shown that prolonged use of dummies may result in increased ear infections, malformations in teeth and other oral structures, and/or speech and language delays. There is conflicting advice as to when is the right time for ditching the dummy – ranging from 6 months to 4 years of age. With this in mind Read More

Toddler Independence

At a recent toddler + 1 class, mum was expressing her frustration with her toddler wanting to walk over sitting in the pram…. leading to a toddler running loose! P2B suggested attaching a ribbon to the pram for the toddler to hold when walking. This gives the toddler responsibility, some ownership and keeps them next Read More

Toddler + 1

A P2B recommendation when there is a toddler and newborn in the home, a inside dog and baby or all the above scenario ….. Parents often worry about a toddler and a newborn being left unsupervised or their little one and the family dog (and before people jump up and down, I am not talking Read More

Ditching the Dummy

I recently posted about ditching the dummy. This generated a lot of questions from the P2B community on the who, when & how about ditching the much-loved dummy. Studies have shown that prolonged use of dummies may result in increased ear infections, malformations in teeth and other oral structures, and/or speech and language delays. There Read More


Before I even start – THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING! Please read the entire post before eating me alive! Last night I was scrolling though Facebook (as you do) and I came across a ‘pro breastfeeding’ post. What got my attention was NOT the pro breastfeeding post itself BUT the comments made by others Read More

I wanted to share with you how Parents 2 B differs from purchased online programmes

This week alone I have had multiple mum’s contact me saying they are in desperate need for help in relation to their baby’s sleep … but are skeptical because they have already purchased another company(s) online programme that did not work! Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I wanted to share with you how Read More

Tummy Time

Tummy time is so important for your baby. Tummy time strengthens your baby’s head, neck and shoulder muscles and builds their upper body strength so they are able to sit up, crawl and walk! Tummy time should be initiated as part of your baby’s play routine from hospital discharge. P2B always asks the question… can Read More

Ditching the dummy to Santa?

I recently posted about ditching the dummy.  This generated a lot of questions from the P2B community on the who, when & how, about ditching the much loved dummy. So today I thought I’d share my thoughts. Please respect that these thoughts and recommendations are based on my many years experience of working with babies and toddlers. Read More

Baby Sensory Play!

Sensory play for babies! Babies love to explore with their highly tuned senses. Sensory play is essential for their brain development. Everyday activities such as playtime, nappy changing and feeding offer a fantastic opportunity to develop your baby’s senses. P2B encourages parents to start their sensory journey with their baby through simple yet effective activities. Read More


Let’s talk about comforters! Love them or hate them … some babies need them. But before you start using one there are somethings you need to consider! 1. Your baby should be hands free when introducing a comforter. That way they can move the comforter freely .. and really, that’s what a comforter is all Read More

When to drop sleeps

As your baby grows they will naturally outgrow their routine. As your baby gets older and as they sleep longer at night, they will naturally need less and less daytime sleep. On AVERAGE … and I repeat ON AVERAGE (remember ALL babies are different). This overview maybe helpful. Day sleeps: 0 – 3 months average Read More


Is it no wonder parents are often overwhelmed and confused with all things parenting. Swaddles/wraps are just the starting point. This is a photo was taken during a P2B private antenatal class today. These are just some of the swaddles and wraps that these soon to be parents had purchased. Yes, they had more (found Read More

Being Dad

Being Dad: For 40 weeks mum has the opportunity to gradually bond with their baby as the baby grows and kicks (unfortunately usually in the early hours of the night). After birth this bond is strengthened through skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. A father can not feel his baby growing and kicking inside him Read More

Postnatal Depression

  Postnatal Depression; one of the most difficult parts? …. Asking for help. For the majority of women, childbirth is the most physical & emotional experience! Parents have mix emotions on the arrival of their baby: exhaustion (from the birth) and elation (following the birth). Men’s experience of pregnancy and birth is often different …. Read More