Looking for donations for P2B Solomon Islands Tour with Solutions Pa Marovo

In November I am heading to the Solomon Islands with the Marovo Medical Tour through Solutions Pa Marovo (http://www.solutionspamarovo.org)

Access to healthcare is extremely difficult in the Marovo Lagoon. The nearest doctor may be 160kms away, across open ocean. Even if a journey is successful, the costs of reaching and remaining in a hospital centre are far beyond what many can afford. Working from within the public healthcare system, Solutions pa Marovo provides supplementary healthcare by delivering high quality medical services directly to villagers. By travelling to these villages, where help is needed most, we can provide essential and immediate care to people who might otherwise receive none. Living in Australia we are very blessed with the resources available to us.

Every day we travel via boat to a remote village, set up a make shift medical clinics. As a Registered Nurse I will be working with volunteering GP’s and specialist and treating whoever arrives on the beach.

As a midwife I will be working with families, not only with antenatal, labour and postnatal care but there will be a major focus on education and the care of their infants and toddlers. Unfortunately, many children in the region are malnourished. It is a sad fact that many 18 months diets can consists of just tea and sweet biscuits. One of my roles on this tour is to educate parents of good nutrition for their children. Education in these villages is essential for the ongoing and much needed improvement of the health and wellbeing of the children. Lack of resources and general knowledge is at the forefront of these current issues.

Unfortunately, I have asked endless companies for donations but have been unsuccessful.
I am therefore reaching out to my amazing P2B community, friends and families. To assist with this education and to encourage parents to introduce foods to their infants I am asking for donations of infant spoons.

Infant tooth decay is also a common issue within the communities we are visiting. Unfortunately, a dentist is unable to join us on this tour and therefore we are also asking for donations of infant toothbrushes.

You would not believe what an impact such a simple donation can do for this community.

It is essential that the spoons and toothbrushes are new and still packaged. They must be INFANT.

Maybe on your next grocery shop?

Multiple drop off points have been organised throughout the Gold Coast and Waterford.

Munchkins Early Education Centre 1/148 Maudsland Rd, Oxenford QLD 4210
William Owen-Jones Division 2, Gold Coast Helensvale: office is on the ground floor at the Helensvale Library & Cultural Centre
Helensvale Hair International Shop 6 Cnr Mildura &, Ridgevale Dr, Helensvale QLD 4212
Billy’s Chicken: 32 The Esplanade, Paradise Point QLD 4216
Chevron Island Physio: 21 Adori St, Chevron Island, QLD 4217
Dr Drew Moffrey: 9/13 Carrara St, Benowa QLD 4217
Dr Nicole Hutchison Robina Town MedicalCentre: Robina, Queensland, 4226, Australia
Acquire Insurance Brokers: Suite 36/2 Eighth Avenue Palm Beach
Little Bunya’s Early Education Centre of Excellence: 929 Kingston Rd, Waterford West QLD 4133
The Baby Brunch Club

A huge call out to the above businesses that have volunteered their place of work for collection points. P2B is blessed to have such an amazing supportive community support.

If you are unable to physically donate the spoons and/or toothbrushes, then a donation to the following link would be greatly appreciated.

http://www.heds.org.au (Please put P2B after your first name example Sarah P2B – so they know it is a P2B donation). Donations are tax deductible.