Can you breath through your mattress protector?

SIDS guidelines recommend always putting your baby to sleep on their back and allow them to find their own sleeping position. So when your little one can roll, and if they choose to sleep on their tummy the cot surface needs to be breathable. Can you breath through your mattress protector? P2B recommends if you Read More

Should you reuse old bottles?

This is a collection P2B sees on a regular basis. Bottles given to parents by well meaning friends aka “hand me downs”, or on a visit mum is starting to express or give a bottle or sipper cup so she pulls out the bottles she used on baby #1 (usually 2 + years ago). You Read More


Before I even start – THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING! Please read the entire post before eating me alive! Last night I was scrolling though Facebook (as you do) and I came across a ‘pro breastfeeding’ post. What got my attention was NOT the pro breastfeeding post itself BUT the comments made by others Read More