Let’s talk cups!

By 6 months your little one should be offered water with meals. Until then your baby’s hydration comes from breast milk or formula. Many parents P2B see say they are offering their little ones water but they struggle to drink from the cup. Why is this? Firstly, it takes time to learn to drink from Read More

To burp or not to burp is the question! What is the answer?

P2B isn’t a big believer in burping babies. P2B recommend 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes of sitting upright and if your baby burps – fabulous! If they don’t – fabulous! It’s OK that your baby doesn’t burp! . Here is some great research explaining why baby’s don’t need to be burped. https://mcgill.ca/…/did-you-know/did-you-know-you-dont-need… Read More