Some food for thought!

I know many parents are currently using similar products to feed their baby. P2B is not a fan. Let me explain why …..

Things parents may not have thought of:

When introducing solids, your baby’s need to learn the skill of eating real food. It is a slow, (can be) frustrating, but also a fun and exciting time of your baby’s life! By eating and experimenting with food your baby learns how to tolerate different tastes, sensations & textures of food, how to move their tongues to move the food around their mouth, how to deal with lumps & bumps and how to chew.

Remember .. there is a difference between a gag and a choke.

By using such products parents are not only delaying this development – a life skill – but your baby is only getting the sugar, not the fibre from the fruit. The fibre is trapped within the teat/net. This increase sugar can lead to early tooth decay which statistically is on the rise amongst children.

From a Speech therapist point of view:

Can I strongly advise against these from a speech language pathologists point of view. These encourage sucking rather than a chewing motion. Chewing is important for the muscle development around the mouth and ears. The ears need a chewing motion to help clear fluids from the middle ear canal. If the fluid doesn’t clear they end up with ear infections and hearing loss.

These were originally designed only for frozen breast milk/ formula to aid with teething pain

Please don’t use them for foods.

Hope that helps!!!