Antenatal expression of colostrum

Before expressing colostrum antenatally it is important to discuss it with your midwife or obstetrician. Some potential reasons for expressing colostrum antenatally include if a mother has: Diabetes. A baby born to a mother who has diabetes (type 1 or type 2 or gestational) is at risk of low blood sugar after birth. Receiving extra Read More

P2B preferred swaddle

Check out Miss A at 2 weeks of age rocking P2B preferred swaddle.   Yes that is one hand out. Yes she is 2 weeks.   Now before I explain why …   Remember this is only a suggestion, like anything I recommend – it’s a recommendation from what I have found works well.   Read More


Let’s talk about comforters! Love them or hate them … some babies need them. But before you start using one there are somethings you need to consider! 1. Your baby should be hands free when introducing a comforter. That way they can move the comforter freely .. and really, that’s what a comforter is all Read More