Sleep and settling = time and consistency.

I am sure all parents out there would agree with me about the large amount of differing and often confusing opinions, techniques and ideas when it comes to ‘advice’ on sleep & settling associated with babies.  Google, Facebook, publications, friends, family, health professionals … the list is endless when it comes to this ‘advice’. Parents Read More

Neonatal Testing

It is important to know that most babies are born perfectly healthy.  However, occasionally a very small number of newborns might suffer a disorder and/or illness that are not obvious through routine antenatal screening processes, or even immediately at birth. The aim of routine screening tests offered to parents and their baby(s) is to help Read More

Being Dad

Being Dad: For 40 weeks mum has the opportunity to gradually bond with their baby as the baby grows and kicks (unfortunately usually in the early hours of the night). After birth this bond is strengthened through skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. A father can not feel his baby growing and kicking inside him Read More


Listeria is a bacterial infection transmitted from eating contaminated foods.  With Australian food standards, Listeria infections are extremely rare.  However, it is important that all pregnant women avoid high risk foods because of the significant risk they pose. Listeria crosses through the placenta to your baby and can lead to miscarriage, still birth, premature birth Read More

Postnatal Exercise

Being physically active is very important for our health and wellbeing.  This is especially true post pregnancy, though it is important to start off gently and progress slowly.  There have been significant changes to your body both during pregnancy, and the birthing process, some of which can take a few months to get back to Read More

Some newborn basic tips!

Sleep promotes sleep!  Babies thrive on predictability and learn from repetition Consistency is the vital key when it comes to sleep and settling. A good routine to follow is: Eat, play, sleep!  Did you know that newborns to 6 weeks can only manage to stay awake 45 minutes to MAX 1 hour and should sleep Read More

Your baby .. did you know?

When you have limited experience with babies everything about your baby seems unfamiliar, it is hard to have confidence to know what is normal and what is not.  Besides this, healthy babies can cry for a couple of hours each day.  In fact newborns can cry for no apparent reason for up to 3 hours Read More

Postnatal Depression

  Postnatal Depression; one of the most difficult parts? …. Asking for help. For the majority of women, childbirth is the most physical & emotional experience! Parents have mix emotions on the arrival of their baby: exhaustion (from the birth) and elation (following the birth). Men’s experience of pregnancy and birth is often different …. Read More


  Mastitis means inflammation of the breast. It can be caused by blocked milk ducts (non-infective mastitis) or a bacterial infection (infective mastitis). The causes of mastitis are varied and are not inclusive to poor drainage of the breast.  This can be caused by poor attachment of the baby at the breast or limiting the Read More

10 basics on ‘How to Breastfeed’

We as women are not magically born with the knowledge to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is natural …. but so is walking and talking and neither of those skills happened overnight! Breastfeeding is something both mum & baby need to learn together. It takes time and persistence and sometimes a little extra help to get it right Read More

Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when most women want to improve their health and regular physical activity can provide pregnant women with many benefits including health, social and emotional. The good news for those of you who were already active before conceiving; if you are healthy and have a non complicated pregnancy; you can generally continue Read More

You are AMAZING!!!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – newborns present plenty of challenges. Don’t get me wrong …. You will love your baby more than life itself but many parents I see (and am one of those myself) say that having a newborn is harder than they expected. So I am putting Read More

The good bedtime routine!

The good bedtime routine is as follows.  This routine should be followed EVERYTIME you put your baby to bed! Prepare the room (close curtains/blinds, turn off lights etc) Change your baby’s nappy – business like. All play time is done outside! Use your chosen swaddle/sleeping bag – MUST be same day & night! Sit quietly Read More

Estimated Sleep & Awake Times

Estimated Sleep & Awake Times A Cortisol rush is the body’s natural defence mechanism when it has run out of energy and needs to keep going. As adults we have all experienced a cortisol rush: working all day and then going out all night. On your way home you think you will sleep for hours Read More

Labour broken down!

Labour is a journey into the unknown and every woman labours differently.  Generally, for first time mothers, labour will take anytime between 12 – 16 hours. Knowledge can go a long way in helping reduce the anxiety often felt by impending mothers before the birth of their baby.  Your antenatal classes will elaborate more on Read More