September 20, 2016

Antenatal Classes


Not everyone has the time to attend large groups of childbirth classes over 4-6 weeks. Parents2b therefore offers a unique service of providing private, practical, unbiased, evidence based and personalised antenatal education – all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Parents2b classes cover all aspects of pregnancy including labour and delivery, pain relief options, possible interventions, cesarean sections, breastfeeding and early parenting and settling/routines. Labour is an amazing journey into the unknown. It is important to focus on what awaits you at the end of your long, hard journey!

PLEASE book your class by week 18 of your pregnancy. The perfect time to do a class is around 30-34 weeks

My personal birth and parenting experiences are vast. They include a vaginal delivery and two cesarean sections. As a result, I strongly believe that individual birthing and parenting options / choice is paramount. I aim to support, respect and inform parents on their birthing and parenting choices – no matter what that may be.

An information package is given to you to view/read prior to the class. Classes take anywhere from 4 – 5 hours. They can be done over 2 nights midweek or over 1 class on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon

There is nothing you need to do for the class. We can do them anywhere kitchen table, lounge wherever you are comfortable.

For some amazing birth footage please visit:

Cost:  Midweek private class $350* / Weekend Private Class Saturday $450* & Sunday $600*

To book your antenatal class please email or phone 0419729127.



This class is best done before your nursery set up &/or baby shower.  This class generally pays for itself with money saved from inappropriate purchases.

This class covers everything from: appropriate infant behaviour and what to expect in those early weeks, appropriate product purchases, nursery set up breastfeeding basics/expressing and storing, swaddling v’s sleeping bags, establishing good bedtime/sleep routines & appropriate awake and settling techniques, how to dress your baby ….. and all your questions answered

Cost: $250 (private) $150 (group classes coming soon)


Cost: $200 (P2B families from previous services) New families $275

The thought of bringing baby #2 home can for some parents feel a little overwhelming.  P2B Toddler + 1 class (up to 2 hours) aims to prepare & support parents though this transition. P2B’s Toddler + 1 class  includes a review of the current routine and sleep habits of baby #1 – having a non sleeping or sleep issues with your toddler when bringing #2 home makes that transition even harder! These issues should be sorted BEFORE your baby arrives.  (Please note this is a review only and is not a sleep consultation).  Also covered are handy hints on bringing baby #2 home: basic recap of labour (if required), introducing your baby to their sibling,  nursery set up, feeding, routine, getting out of the house with 2 children, adjusting your routine with baby #2 to incorporate your toddlers activities … and of course sleep.  


*Please note: The above rates apply to the Gold Coast area. There is a $50 non-refundable booking deposit (rebated given at consultation). Rates for consultations outside the Gold Coast area available on request. Please see terms and conditions for further information found in FAQ.